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Instead of buying new, expensive curtains consider making alterations to your curtains. Many sewing shops, tailors, and seamstress can make alternations to your existing curtains and make them like new. Another option is quality-recycled curtains. Buying new curtains can be a very expensive, but there is an alternative. An extensive range of good quality, re-cycled curtains are available for all price ranges, and they can be can be altered to fit your requirements. Another option is a curtain finder service.
These services take window or track measurements, along with the style and color/s per your request and look for similar curtains from other fabric recyclers. This can be an inexpensive solution for high quality curtains.


Curtains can also the spruced up with new accessories such as tiebacks and holdbacks. Tiebacks are a decorative and practical accessory. They are used to hold open the curtain panel from the window to let the light in. They help the curtain fall gracefully into place when drawn back, and alleviate stress that the full weight of the fabric can put on the tracks. Many different types and styles are available in bows, cords, tassels, fabric (in many forms and shapes) with hooks. A hold back is a decorative rigid form of tie back, usually made of metal, brass or iron, and can have many different decorative fittings at the ends.
They often matched the curtain rod ends. They are attached to the wall on the side of the curtains. The curtain fabric is drawn back and placed behind the hold back to keep the fabric in place. A hold back appears to be more formal than most forms of tiebacks.

Old, boring curtains can also be updated new trim. A narrow band of ribbon can create a fine ornamental decoration. Bullion Fringe, a fringe trimming, which is made of twisted loops of rope, either wool or silk, can be used to highlight curtain fabrics. Picot Braid is a bobble edging fixed to a woven cotton braid and is available in varying widths. Beaded Trim uses a flat braid, which has a multibeading skirting, which is very popular with contemporary colored sheers and on scarf drapery. Binding and lipping sports a band of contrasting fabric fixed to the edges of curtains, tiebacks or valances. Welting is basically a piping cord, which is covered in fabric and sewn into the seams of curtains, tiebacks or valances providing a decorative element. Weights can also be sewn into the vertical seams and each corner of the drapery width or panel. Chain weights are little beads threaded together forming a line along the hemline of sheers ensuring straight hanging and an even hemline.

These are just a few ways of making alterations to your curtains. Use your imagination, try some of these, or create your own alteration ideas.